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a daughter who loves her parents and family so much. a friend who treasures friendship more than her relationship with a guy. a student who has always tried her best and gave it all out in whatever she is doing. a loner who is still searching for her eternal love that she believes can bring her together to jannah. last but not least...a humble servant who heart belongs to Allah swt. and my name is Farhana Latiff.

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March 29, 2012


from left : tom, ili, sarah
first picture of today, may the whole day become as bright as their smiles!

i skipped Mandarin class today. and again. i think this is my second time. ohh crap! i hate it! i never want to skip it. eventhough i didn't do the homeworks that Sir Eng has given to the rest of us by last week but still that's not a reason for me to skip that Mandarin class. plus i'm already got ready to go to KBM. how i hate this feeling of getting ready and at last, i ended up by not going. it's such a waste of time, and consume a lot of energy okay? so i wonder why my stomach doesn't want to cooperate nicely this morning? and uhmm, ehmm, well yes! i think i know what the reason is. it's because i only ate a plate of mee kungfu yesterday and nothing else than that. which means no nasi. so i jump into a conclusion, no nasi i'll get into diarrhoea. well i think this is not my first time. but still it rarely happened to me. so after this, i've to make sure that i'll eat nasi even once in a day. haiyaaa, my stomach is #trulyasiantype and #soooomalaysian!

i love Mandarin!

March 28, 2012

A Missing Part of Me ='(

missing badly...
think i could die in a minute from now on.
i can't move on about this little stuff.
hey! it's not little for me!
how i wished i could turn back to times where i can play softball whenever i want to.
what an unfair life i have now.

tears in silent...sobsssss! TT____TT

March 27, 2012

Triangle Love

suddenly, i burst into tears. i never want us to be like this. i don't know how to describe my feeling at that time. perhaps i'm crying because i feel ashamed, or pity at my own reflection who is always never have a good luck in relationship at the same time. knocked it hard, if i could jump off from the balcony without die, i would do that oftenly. but i still have faith in what human called as destiny. i believe Allah has created the right path for me, even after so many failure that i have faced. i just have to be patient a lil bit more and wait for miracles to happen. it's okay to cry now. a rainbow will never appear if rains is not pouring down to the earth. be strong lil girl, you'll be alright.

March 25, 2012

Mom's Love Letter From Me! =)

for all love and care that i've received from the moment i was born, thank you.
for all joys and laughters that u've spread into my world, thank you.
for all happiness that come into my life, thank you.
for all memorable moments that u've created during my childhood till now, thank you.
for always being there when i need a shoulder, thank you.
but for all tears and pains i've caused you into, i'm sorry...truly sorry.
i'll never get a better person than you for guidance in this hard path of life besides The Almighty. 

sweet 46 years old, happy birthday Mom! 
may Allah bless you always!
i love you!

sincerely, along.

March 21, 2012

Bangun Lambat Lagi....


harini madam ada buat kelas ganti untuk HR. aku tak pergi. masuk kali ni dah dua kali dalam seminggu aku tak pergi kelas, semalam missed kelas CTU sebab overslept. aku bukan riak atau takbur dengan result semester lepas, cuma aku ada krisis dengan diri, perasaan sendiri. aku tak tau kenapa, aku jadi malas nak pergi kelas. mungkin sebab dalam kelas aku tu ada orang yang aku benci. to be exact, sorang je tapi sebab sorang tu la hidup aku seksa. aku sendiri tak dapat nak gambarkan dengan perkataan tentang apa yang aku rasa. kadang-kadang, aku rasa macam satu dunia pandang serong dekat aku. kadang-kadang aku rasa kaki aku lemah, terlampau lemah sampai aku nak jalan pun tak mampu, macam aku ni cuma ada sepasang kaki yang patah. aku tak mampu nak berjalan dengan megah. memang betul cakap shikin yang aku tak patut biarkan mulut jahat sesetengah orang hancurkan, jahanamkan, hilangkan kebahagiaan aku tapi aku bukan orang yang macam tu. walau sekuat manapun aku cuba untuk tepis, tak fikir pandangan orang terhadap aku, tapi at the end, aku akan berbalik jugak kepada onar yang diorang buat kat aku. aku selalu terfikir, apa yang aku dah buat sampai kau sewenang-wenangnya nak benci kutuk aku depan semua orang? dan orang yang terus-terusan percaya cerita yang kau buat tu membuatkan aku fobia untuk mempercayai manusia, ramai sangat yang talam dua muka dan itu jugak membuktikan yang ramai lelaki ni bodoh setakat otak kat lutut sebab suka percaya cerita dari satu pihak je tanpa mangadili pihak yang lagi satu. dan kalau betul pun kedua-dua pihak tu ada masalah, yang kau lelaki sibuk nak jaga tepi kain tu apesal? bodoh! cam perempuan joyah sibuk jaga tepi kain orang, kau jaga tepi kain pelikat kau sudah laa! pakai kain pelikat pun xgheti gamaknyaa, dah sibuk sangat berjoyah dengan sekutu kamceng. pergi mati. kesimpulannya, aku tak maafkan kau. aku salahkan kau sebab perasaan rendah diri aku ni hadir lepas dengar kau kutuk aku. dan kau boleh terus-terusan pandang rendah dekat aku. hakikatnya, orang sekeliling kau bukan bodoh, yang buta hati akan terus-terusan menuruti fitnah kau tetapi yang berakal akan nampak kebenaran dan realiti dalam drama yang kau cipta. terima kasih "kawan" yang suka kutuk kawan sendiri.

March 15, 2012

To The Haters...Have a Life Okay!

i have more things to do than thinking about you. instead i have more problems to solve either. you don't like me? okay fine fine! then stay away from me. i never ask you to like me. i never care about all of you people, besides i don't want to care at all. and i'm so tired of all these shit. you know what? look at yourself. what you do are just keep hating and judging me instead of realize that you're not perfect either. we're all the same. i know very well who i am. and it's you who don't want to accept yourself so that's why you keep to badmouth about others. like you're the only perfect thing in this world. go fucked up yourself bitch! i never betrayed my friends just like you did. i'm not a cruel person, neither do i'm a backstabber plus i hate saying bad things about others UNLESS they're the one who started it first, just like what you've done to me. and i just hangout with my bestfriends the most, laughing without care other people matters. i don't talk behind people much like you. and i easily forgive people even if they don't deserve one. face it! i'm a nice person. not like all you who. seriously, say anything. hurt me with all shits you said about me. karma will hit you back. if you think you're a miss-so-good-in-judging-people, just come back down to earth. go to the mirror and see what jerk have you been. Gods always know everything. and we have nothing to do with judging people. you have no right on judging me. point me, there are four more fingers point to yourself back. have a nice life with that bad attitudes you've bitches.

fucked you bitch!

March 4, 2012

Dad's birthday present for Mom!

Assalamulaikum wbt. first of all, let say about...em okay. i got almost nothing to share. actually, i kinda tired by now because i've just finished helping Mom to sweep the floor in her bedroom. it's become all the way too dusty like our house has just being bumped by a tornado..erkk, nahh, it's not a tornado, but more to a very strong wind. like when you're walking down to the park, and then suddenly came the wind from nowhere, where the strong wind could make you feel being lifted for a second when it goes passing through yourself! so can you guys imagine that? which means, that bedroom is very much indeed need our help because it's too messy! and i even stepped myself on some nails on the floor, ouchhh! it's hurts but i'm lucky as i don't injured myself. if not, i'm pretty sure that i just put myself into a lot of troubles as this Monday is the first day of my second semester. urghhh, i don't want to say this, but i just had some bad feelings left when it comes to Malacca. it's not about the city that i hate so much neither do the campus's life and my friends right now, but it's just some bad memories back then which keep haunting my head. how i wished it could be vanished just like that, i mean likes when everytime i blink my eyes. yeahh...pretty silly, i know that wouldn't happen eventhough if i prayed so hard to Allah. once again, what has happened will remained as happened...anyway that sucks! so now, i feel too tired...but i just couldn't go straight to sleep and pretend that i'll be treating my face with a smooth, very relaxing and calming face mask from Etude House before i really go to sleep because right now i've to make some correction on SIFE's project proposal, damn! i hate it, truly hate it as i don't have much understanding on how to do those projects. plus i hate the fact that certain people in that team seems to have "just pandai cakap tapi tak buat kerja" attitude, wattafak man??? urghhhh, it's frustrating you know! i'd better stop now, if not i'll never finished the tasks in two hours plus maybe i'll have to wake up for the entire night before going back to Malacca tomorrow. well see yaa! byebye girlssss! opss, and the guys too! goodnight everyone, have a nice dream!

p/s : i really like the mirror in between those wardrobe because it's big and i can always "perasan-bajet-ohsem-plus-keayuan-taraf-gadis-melayu-terakhir" by myself after this! kahkahkah!

March 2, 2012

Esok duit PTPTN masuk, yeay!

assalamulaikum kawan-kawan! aku ada berita gembira nak bagitau ni! hah, cuba teka sat pasal ape tu? tu...tu...cuba tengok logo apa yang ada kat atas tu? mesti semua tau kan....tu logo PTPTN! tu dia hangpa semua memang bijak sungguh! okay berita baiknya adalah duit PTPTN akan masuk pada 3 Mac 2012...bila tu? bila lagi? esok laaa weh!

Yess, aku seronok bukan sebab apa...bila dapat tau duit PTPTN akan masuk esok, aku rasa lega la sikit. bukan apa, aku segan nak minta kat Ayah duit untuk bayar yuran, maklum jela dah nak start sem baru kan. pastu nanti nak kena beli buku lagi, duit kelab lagi dan blaa blaa blaa. kalau duit tu boleh turun dari langit macam air hujan, dah lama aku doa banyak-banyak kat Allah mintak bagi hujan turun hari-hari. lepas tu boleh la aku kutip duit tu semua buat pi bayar yuran ke beli buku ke belanja adik aku makan Kepsi ke pi karaoke sat ke? (opppss, bab karaoke tu aku tarik balik! heee~) tapi memang harapan saja la nak tunggu duit jatuh lagu hujan dari langit ni kan. kalau jadi lagu tu confirm takde orang tau apa tu erti susah senang nak cari rezeki, lagi-lagi yang halal....kan? kan? kan?

jadi kepada students2 UiTM yang tengah pening lalat, kusut lagikan serabai otak dengan masalah kewangan, anda semua tak perlu laaa nak risau-risau lagi. dah boleh tarik nafas lega la lepas ni yea? sila rujuk jadual kat bawah ni, yang students UiTM punya aku dah tolong highlightkan dgn warna merah, teheeee~

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