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a daughter who loves her parents and family so much. a friend who treasures friendship more than her relationship with a guy. a student who has always tried her best and gave it all out in whatever she is doing. a loner who is still searching for her eternal love that she believes can bring her together to jannah. last but not least...a humble servant who heart belongs to Allah swt. and my name is Farhana Latiff.

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November 8, 2011

Learn to love others as much as we would like to be loved

A : Eh kau ni buat kerja lembab laaa. Mengalahkan OKU!
B : Mana ada aku buat kerja lembab. Kau tu yang buat kerja lembab cam OKU, bukan aku laaa. Hahaha!

Have you guys ever heard this kind of conversation? I bet you guys have even it is only once because I can surely said that you are lying if you said that you don't. In our daily life, those kind of conversations are oftenly heard among us and sometimes we are also do the same thing, whether we are conscious about it or not. Many people do not realize the pain behind embarassment that the disabled have to face when their disability has been turned into some silly jokes. That act is very rude but people still do it heartlessly.

I feel a little bit weird. When we imperfectly do something, why do we have to relate it with the disabled? Why should we have to invlove their names instead of comparing it with other things around us? Is there any wrong doings that these people had done to us? No! I do not think so. We should be thankful because we do not have to feel the hardship and bitterness that these people have to go through just to prove that they can also succeed like us, the normal people. It is hard to say but regretfully, many people still being judgemental to them.

Most of my friends know that my mom was a teacher, but they did not know that she is a teacher who teaches the blind. From my early childhood, i have been exposed to the disabled and encouraged by mom to be friends with them. Alhamdulillah, there are a lot of things that i have learned through these people and i am very grateful to God for allowing to be who i am today. 

Oh yeahh before i forgot! I have some picture left during my childhood that i would like to share with you guys. These pictures have been taken during my fourth birthday party while mom is still teaching at SK(I) Jalan Batu, Kuala Lumpur. She was so eager to do a birthday party for me and invites her students to celebrate it with us. Mom had dressed me so nicely on that day and guess what? Till today i still have that red dress inside my closet! =')


Anyway, this is an honest request from the bottom of my heart. I am asking to all of you people to not despised on the disabled but please respect and love them as you wish yourself to be loved by others. Please remember that they also have feelings just like us. May God bless these peole, amin.

p/s : Mom, i am so proud of you! Seriously i mean it! <3

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