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February 17, 2012

What has Lego done to Captain America???

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I've found this video just now. you won't believe it! curious enough? then watch this video clip!

I thought those actions in most of the superheroes movies nowadays can only be done through computers and CGI technique. but Lego has proved me wrong! and as we can see with what they have done with Legoman blocks? this is cool man...truly cool and awesome!

p/s : actually, there's a few more actions done by other Legoman superheroes, but i'm more attracted to this one! =)


  1. lagi suke komik dari benda nii . hihi sedang tunggu maid maiden saturday :))

  2. gdsbnga : omg (screaming till my voice out!) you're a big fan of maid maiden too? sepsep sikit! =D

  3. mohd ridwan : do spread the awesomeness, winkwink!


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