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a daughter who loves her parents and family so much. a friend who treasures friendship more than her relationship with a guy. a student who has always tried her best and gave it all out in whatever she is doing. a loner who is still searching for her eternal love that she believes can bring her together to jannah. last but not least...a humble servant who heart belongs to Allah swt. and my name is Farhana Latiff.

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March 25, 2012

Mom's Love Letter From Me! =)

for all love and care that i've received from the moment i was born, thank you.
for all joys and laughters that u've spread into my world, thank you.
for all happiness that come into my life, thank you.
for all memorable moments that u've created during my childhood till now, thank you.
for always being there when i need a shoulder, thank you.
but for all tears and pains i've caused you into, i'm sorry...truly sorry.
i'll never get a better person than you for guidance in this hard path of life besides The Almighty. 

sweet 46 years old, happy birthday Mom! 
may Allah bless you always!
i love you!

sincerely, along.

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