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a daughter who loves her parents and family so much. a friend who treasures friendship more than her relationship with a guy. a student who has always tried her best and gave it all out in whatever she is doing. a loner who is still searching for her eternal love that she believes can bring her together to jannah. last but not least...a humble servant who heart belongs to Allah swt. and my name is Farhana Latiff.

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March 4, 2012

Dad's birthday present for Mom!

Assalamulaikum wbt. first of all, let say about...em okay. i got almost nothing to share. actually, i kinda tired by now because i've just finished helping Mom to sweep the floor in her bedroom. it's become all the way too dusty like our house has just being bumped by a tornado..erkk, nahh, it's not a tornado, but more to a very strong wind. like when you're walking down to the park, and then suddenly came the wind from nowhere, where the strong wind could make you feel being lifted for a second when it goes passing through yourself! so can you guys imagine that? which means, that bedroom is very much indeed need our help because it's too messy! and i even stepped myself on some nails on the floor, ouchhh! it's hurts but i'm lucky as i don't injured myself. if not, i'm pretty sure that i just put myself into a lot of troubles as this Monday is the first day of my second semester. urghhh, i don't want to say this, but i just had some bad feelings left when it comes to Malacca. it's not about the city that i hate so much neither do the campus's life and my friends right now, but it's just some bad memories back then which keep haunting my head. how i wished it could be vanished just like that, i mean likes when everytime i blink my eyes. yeahh...pretty silly, i know that wouldn't happen eventhough if i prayed so hard to Allah. once again, what has happened will remained as happened...anyway that sucks! so now, i feel too tired...but i just couldn't go straight to sleep and pretend that i'll be treating my face with a smooth, very relaxing and calming face mask from Etude House before i really go to sleep because right now i've to make some correction on SIFE's project proposal, damn! i hate it, truly hate it as i don't have much understanding on how to do those projects. plus i hate the fact that certain people in that team seems to have "just pandai cakap tapi tak buat kerja" attitude, wattafak man??? urghhhh, it's frustrating you know! i'd better stop now, if not i'll never finished the tasks in two hours plus maybe i'll have to wake up for the entire night before going back to Malacca tomorrow. well see yaa! byebye girlssss! opss, and the guys too! goodnight everyone, have a nice dream!

p/s : i really like the mirror in between those wardrobe because it's big and i can always "perasan-bajet-ohsem-plus-keayuan-taraf-gadis-melayu-terakhir" by myself after this! kahkahkah!

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