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a daughter who loves her parents and family so much. a friend who treasures friendship more than her relationship with a guy. a student who has always tried her best and gave it all out in whatever she is doing. a loner who is still searching for her eternal love that she believes can bring her together to jannah. last but not least...a humble servant who heart belongs to Allah swt. and my name is Farhana Latiff.

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March 15, 2012

To The Haters...Have a Life Okay!

i have more things to do than thinking about you. instead i have more problems to solve either. you don't like me? okay fine fine! then stay away from me. i never ask you to like me. i never care about all of you people, besides i don't want to care at all. and i'm so tired of all these shit. you know what? look at yourself. what you do are just keep hating and judging me instead of realize that you're not perfect either. we're all the same. i know very well who i am. and it's you who don't want to accept yourself so that's why you keep to badmouth about others. like you're the only perfect thing in this world. go fucked up yourself bitch! i never betrayed my friends just like you did. i'm not a cruel person, neither do i'm a backstabber plus i hate saying bad things about others UNLESS they're the one who started it first, just like what you've done to me. and i just hangout with my bestfriends the most, laughing without care other people matters. i don't talk behind people much like you. and i easily forgive people even if they don't deserve one. face it! i'm a nice person. not like all you who. seriously, say anything. hurt me with all shits you said about me. karma will hit you back. if you think you're a miss-so-good-in-judging-people, just come back down to earth. go to the mirror and see what jerk have you been. Gods always know everything. and we have nothing to do with judging people. you have no right on judging me. point me, there are four more fingers point to yourself back. have a nice life with that bad attitudes you've bitches.

fucked you bitch!


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